Around the Glade (Ausverkauft)
Around the Glade (Ausverkauft)
Around the Glade (Ausverkauft)

Around the Glade (Ausverkauft) (Ausverkauft)

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... The first sign that you’re heading in the right direction is the bright clearing. There you’ll find the roe deer, a steadfast companion to the birds of truth. There can be no doubt that the roe deer sees into the future. Though no more than a few minutes’ ahead. She gets a premonition of what question she should ask but never has time to give a warning in case the meeting might endanger the final destination...

The Poster measure 50x70 cm and is printed on 170 g Munken Polar Rough matte paper to maintain the nice feel of the original in watercolor. Limited edition, when it's sold out, it is sold out forever.



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