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Elora Weiss Schwan (Ausverkauft)
Elora Weiss Schwan (Ausverkauft)
Elora Weiss Schwan (Ausverkauft)

Elora Weiss Schwan (Ausverkauft) (Ausverkauft)

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Elora is a majestic creature - her name comes from the greek name meaning 'light'

She stands 13 inches tall, and wears her shimmering crown so proud. 
Her eyes and shimmering beak are hand painted. 

Her soft wings are made from tulle and she really is a statement piece that will add a little bit of magic to any room.

Über Ilke:

Inspired by nature's intriguing entity , the veins of our natural world are influential in transforming a piece of cloth into a creature , that comes alive and becomes an individual  , part of a clan of young and old - who have a certain peacefulness yet melancholy in them

Each ilka creature is crafted entirely by hand and born into our little magical studio of make believe

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